Brushed Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

by Oliver James
Minimalist and modern the salt and pepper grinders look phenomenal in any household setting. Get yours today!
  • FINEST COLLECTION BRUSHED STAINLESS STEEL salt and pepper mills by Henry Charles are elegant and stylish whilst at the same time been built to last
  • ADJUSTABLE GRINDING - The built in adjustable grind selector ensures you have complete and seamless control over the coarseness of your grind, from fine to coarse
  • CERAMIC GRIND BURR - Henry Charles grinders feature high quality professional-grade ceramic burrs with hard-wearing qualities to effortlessly deliver a consistent coarseness of grind
  • EASY AND CONVENIENT - The lid locks in flavour, keeps moisture out and avoids mess after refilling the generous size capacity of 8oz (3/4 cup)/240ml