CUISINART - Egg Central

by Cuisinart
Poach, hard boil, soft boil, and even make omelettes... with up to 10 eggs! It realy is the hub for all egg making. Get yours today!

  • Cooks 10 eggs at once, two cooking racks hold up to ten eggs in shells
  • More ways to cook eggs!, includes nonstick 4-egg poaching tray and 3-egg omelet tray.
  • Perfect results, amount of water added regulates cooking time for omelettes, poached and soft, medium or hard cooked eggs.
  • Unique Shape and Styling, Vented domed lid is brushed stainless steel; sleek shape looks great on the counter!
  • Best results, piercing pin on base of water beaker lets you pierce eggs before cooking to keep shell from cracking.