Filson x Shinola - Men's Limited Edition Air Scout Watch

by Filson x Shinola

If you or anyone you know is from the Pacific Northwest, then you know that fire-jumping is not only one of the most dangerous professions a person could do, but it is critical to keeping entire towns from burning up during seasonal wildfires. Filson, a brand based out of Washington, took their inspiration for their new Air Scout watch from the iconic design of the aircraft used to fly those jumpers into the fray.

With a limited run of only 350 being made, this watch features all of the quality and attention to detail that has set them apart as a brand. Sporting a smart coin-edge bezel and bi-directional rotating top ring with a red notch (a nod to the red nose on the planes), it pops on the wrist without being too loud. In addition to these details, the face and hands of the Air Scout has a C-1 Lumi-Nova coating that can glow continuously for up to 15 hours while being continuously powered by the 716 Argonite movement