Full Body U Shaped-Premium Contoured Pregnancy


Pregnancy Pillow, ISHOWDEAL Full Body Pregnancy Pillow U Shaped-Premium Contoured Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow with Zippered Cover Support Cushion for Pregnant and Nursing Women

- Pillows can be used:U-shaped pillow is a very versatile pillow,pillow can be used for sleeping, sitting for a cushion.
- Baby learning to sit pillow:U-shaped pillow with curved shoulder design,can help baby learn to sit,give the baby comfortable and safe support.
- Relieve leg fatigue:Pregnant women late pregnancy,the legs will have puffy phenomenon, U-shaped pillow can effectively relieve leg fatigue,avoid swelling phenomenon.
- Care abdominal pillow design:The stomach is constantly rising during pregnancy,the abdomen can not hold up, professional U-shaped pregnant pillow fit the abdomen design,drag the mother's stomach,sleep no longer tired.
- Pillow/Breast Pillow:When reading the book can be wrapped in a pillow around the waist,the book on top of the pillow,relaxed and comfortable,you can also use in breast-feeding,embracing the baby's arm pad above the pillow,effectively reduce the arm fatigue.

- U Shaped Maternity and Nursing Pillow
- Helps Keep the Total Body Relaxed
- Helps Support the Side & Back
- Tummy,Arm & Neck Support
- Makes It Easy To Turn Over
- Accommodates Different Sleeping Positions
- Supports Proper Breathing
- Easier To Fall Asleep
- Relieves Pressure
- Machine Washable

Material:Cotton + Polyester
Size:60x120 cm/23.62X47.24 in
Weight:About 1400 g/3 LB
Color:Sky Blue / Turquoise / Pink / Purple / White

In order to make the fabric not fade, except should pay attention to washing not in the hot water, soapy water, alkali water long-term soaking, do not use the washboard or brush rub brush outside, when washing can put some salt or vinegar in the water, then rinse with water Clean.

  • High Quality Filling Material: High density and extra soft pillow with a 100% cotton fabric and 100% polyester filling. Using cotton fabric, soft, non-fading, can not afford the ball, environmental health. Choose high-quality PP cotton filled, full inner core, soft silk, resilient and never deformed.
  • Ergonomic Design: Fixed left sleeping position, medical studies have shown that pregnant women sleeping on the left is conducive to fetal growth, expectant mom sleep should take the left sleeping position. Adjustable U-shaped maternity pillow is designed to fit to the natural contours of a pregnant woman's body to relieve sleeping pains and discomfort.
  • Tocolysis Protection, Comfortable Sleep: Hippocampus unique design, may have support for pregnant women waist, abdomen, reduce the pressure on the waist and abdomen. Mummy and baby can sleep peacefully.
  • Detachable Washable Design: Thickening of the core choice of medical non-woven fabric, feel thick, durable, cotton fabric selection jacket, pillowcase is designed with a zipper which allows for changing convenience, simply take off the pillowcase and easy care and clean.
  • Multi Purpose Body Pillow: The maternity body pillow provides belly, arm, and back support for breastfeeding, nursing, watching TV, and reading. This U shaped body pillow also helps side sleepers; offers belly, arm & neck support, and relieve pain and discomfort.