Beach Waterproof Phone Case (2 Pack)

by Mpow
Enjoy Your Underwater Moment with Mpow Universal Waterproof Case
The IPX8 rated waterproof phone case provide all-round protection for your cellphones, allowing you take photos or videos under the sea, helping you record every cherish moment.


Unhindered View
While your phone is enclosed in a waterproof case, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be accessible. Mpow waterproof case enables you use your phone while in the pouch, such as swiping through screens, taking photos, etc.


Enjoy the Fun in All Weather

We believe that the protection for your phone should not limited by weather. Whether you are boating or kayaking, this waterproof case gives your cellphone most intimate care. No more worrying about dropping your phone water, just enjoy the fun that Mpow brings.


1. Pease conduct a safety test before using the product. Simply put a tissue inside the bag and drop it into the water for 30 minutes, then take it out to check if the tissue is wet or not. DO NOT use the product if the tissue is wet.
2. Tips on using this item:
First, Release the snap closure after passing the safety test.
Second, open the case gently.
Third, put your smartphone into it softly.
Fourth, close the seal smoothly, please make sure you’ve pressed the top of case inside the seal completely.
3. The pressure in depth may impact touchscreen actions, please use the volume buttons to take photos if this happens.
4. The transparent waterproof bag allows you to unlock the HOME button of your iPhone 7 & 7, but not for Touch ID fingerprints.