Polarized Sport Sunglasses


Al-Mg Frame:
Aluminum-magnesium alloy frames are mainly made of aluminum and infiltrated with a small amount of magnesium, as well as corrosion-resistant, sweat-resistant, high-strength, extrusion-resistant, safe and environmentally friendly alloy material; provide it with a highly glossy texture that is lighter than other metal frames.

Polarized lens can eliminate and filter scattered light in the beam, prevent UV light and filter polarized light.
The polarized lens can achieve the color of the surrounding environment without distortion, the edge of the object becomes clear, and effectively identify the different color colors while reducing the ultraviolet rays irradiated into the pupil.

Application occasion:
Driving, it will no longer be bothered by the numerous reflections from the sun and the vehicles ahead;
Fishing,water waves shine in the sunshine, but you will not feel uncomfortable, but feel relaxed and happy;
The traffic signs appear in front of your eyes from the flooded road surface in rainning;
Vacation, enjoy the sun, the beach and the leisure time.

When the lens has stains, grease or fingerprints, the dust or dirt on the lens can remove with a soft cotton cloth or special lens paper.
If there is grit on the lens, rinse with water and wipe dry with special glasses or paper.
When not in use, wrap the lens with cloth and face upwards and place it in a special bag. Be careful to prevent the lens and the frame from being scratched by hard objects.

1 *Sunglasses
1 *Cleaning cloth
1 *Sunglasses bag
1 *Test card
1 *Hard box

  • 1. Al-Mg frames: Aluminum-magnesium alloy frames are mainly aluminum infiltrating with a small amount of magnesium; Hard and lightweight, low density, better heat dissipation, strong compression resistance.
  • 2. TAC polarized lenses: The polarization angle and curvature of polarized lenses are professionally designed and processed. The wearer does not have the feeling of scene distortion and dizziness.
  • 3.Temples: high-quality silicone to enhances the sense of flexibility and prevents slipping.
  • 4.Nose pads: The use of a fixed connection, not easy to fall off; high-quality silicone fit the bridge of the nose, bring comfort throughout the day.