Self Adhesive Strapless Push-up Bra

by AbSexy
Push Up, Strapless, Back-less... Yes it's real.

1. Clean your skin
THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP. Gently clean your chest area with mild soap and water to remove body oil and residue from skin. Dry your skin with a soft towel. DO NOT USE powders, oils, or fragrances anywhere near the chest area prior to applying your bra.
2. Stand in front of the mirror and loosen the drawstring, then stick self-adhesive wing on both sides of your breast. (Feel free to peel away and reposition if you do not get the desired coverage.)
3. Once in place, tighten the belt till a perfect cleavage appears. The higher you positing, the more of a boost you will give to your cleavage! With both hands on the bra cups press firm for a few seconds to secure the hold.

Hand wash with mild soap and water and air dry. DO NOT USE brush, fingernails or any sharp objects to clean the surface. Replace the protective cover when the bra is not in use.