Universal Plug Adapter Bundle (3 Pack)

Make sure you grab a universal charger before your travels! Be prepared for whichever country you're going to with one of these adapter bundles. All your devices will fully be able to work with any country's outlets! Please select the proper country in the drop down menu before purchase. Each order comes with 3 adapters for the specified country.
  • Mini size, compact and portable travel plug kit - 3 pack. Note: The adapter does not convert the Voltage.
  • Universal input outlet accepts worldwide all types of connectors including: 2-Prong US "polarized", 3-Prong US grounded, European, UK, AUS and India plug standards, except for the large South African plug).
  • Internal metal interfaces offer good conductivity.
  • Capacity Up to 3000 Watt Max (250 Volt max, 13 A)

Note: The adapter does not convert the Voltage.
Please check the voltage standard for the travel destination and use a Voltage converter with the adapter if needed. (Example, Europe uses mainly 230 Volts). Powering a 120 Volts device with 230 Volts can destroy the equipment and cause fire. So please check the specifications on your equipment carefully.