Waterproof Waist Pouch Bag

by Sunshines
  • 2 waist pack,1 blue and 1 black waist bag ,size:220mm*150mm waistline:33.4-46.9 inch
  • Super waterproof quality triple zipper locks to seal,folding over high quality velcro keep your items dry and clean even under deep water
  • Large space size waterproof case can take more personal items such as smartphone,apple,keys,ID card,credit card,cash,iPhone,iPad,earphone,snacks
  • Touch Screen-Friendly Transparent design you can text and talk while you boating,fishing,diving,swimming,snorkeling,sailing,cannot miss anything
  • Adjustable waist/shoulder straps very conevient,can be 33.4-46.9 inch can be waist or shoulder pack

Super Waterproof sandproof snowproof dustproof high quality
Super PVC material,high quality velcro,waterproof seals
Three zipper locks seals can well prevent
Fold over high quality fasten velcro

The most perfect size for the space.
Size:8.62 * 6.49 inch so you can put anything you want,cash,credit card,cellphone,camera,keys,sunscreen,tissue and so on.
All your personal and important items well protect from water and keep dry and clean.
You do not need worry lost and wet issue ,you can relax yourself when outside

Adjustable waist shoulder strap,lightweight
waistline:33.4-46.9 inch
Adjustable lenght,so you can wear it around your waist or carry it over your shoulder,its very comfortable
Its also convenient for your hands,you can do anything you wants
Lightweight is easy and portable for traveling or outside

Touch friendly
Soft PVC material and transparent design
enables you use your touch screen smart phone without opening the pouch. Check emails, messages, Facebook and even answer the calls

Package :
1pcs blue & 1pcs black waterproof bag waist strap

Nots before use
1.Seal the 3 Zipper locks and then get rolled up into a velcro
2.Make sure the 3 Zip locks are completely sealed.
3.Make a test before using it. Putting some paper or tissue in it and leaving it submerged at the bottom of a large sink full of water.
You will find it completely waterproof.

       *Product may not ship prior to Christmas