Jade Facial Roller - By White Lotus

by White Lotus Anti Aging
Using real jade, experience the massaging and cooling effectiveness of the stone traditionally known as to represent healing & balance.
Jade comes in intensive and regular versions
SD Recommended Steps:
1. *Optional: Use after needle rolling or facial cleansing to close pores
2. Either place in cold water or freezer to cool down stone
3. Apply moisturizer to face
4. Begin to massage the jade over face. Going upward (lower to upper) and outwards (middle to outer), to uplift and tighten skin.
5. Make sure jade roller is still cold, then massage jaw and neck.
  • CIRCULATION: Rolling and massaging over the skin promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • COOLING: Heavenly refreshing after skin needling: in contact with skin jade stays cool closing pores
  • TONING: Revitalise tired, puffy, sagging skin with signs of aging, using the roller to firm & tone
  • QUALITY: The highest grade of Jade ( GRADE A), with reinforced support ensures you get a lasting beauty tool
  • TRADITION: Loved by the powerful women of ancient China, sure to be loved for generations to come
*Roller Colours will vary depending on colour of stone