Wooden Digital Alarm Clock - Voice and Touch Activated (Black)

by Kolis

Not only is this wooden digital clock fashionable, talk about handy! With temperature, time display; also touch and voice detection, you can snooze your alarms with a simple clap of your hands or a simple touch. Forget your ticking analog clock! Display is colour adjustable.


Material : Eco-friendly Wood
Item Color: Wood
LED Display Color: Blue
Time Mode: 12-Hour / 24-Hour
Power source: Batteries or charging cord
Brightness: 3-level(L1, L2, L3)
Input: DC 5v/500mA
Sound sensor: available for switch on/off
Dimensions: 15cm x 7cm x 4cm(1.57W x 2.76H x 5.9D)
Net Weight: 189g

Package Included:

* 1 X LED Wooden Alarm Clock
* 1 X USB Cable
* 1 X User Manual

Key Setting:
1.Short press UP key, you can change degree Celsius to Fahrenheit.
2.Short press DOWN key, the screen will show -- : Sd, then the Sound control mode will closed. on : Sd means Sound control mode is working, just press it again.
3.Short press SET key, the screen will show : dp:-2. Then the alarm will lock to show the time always. If you want it turns display Year/Month/Date automatically, press again and it will show : dp:-1.
4.Long press SET key for 3 seconds, you can set the Year/Month/Date/Time/Alarm afresh.
5.Long press UP key for 3 seconds, you can adjust the light brightness through up/down. L1 is brightest. L3 is weakest.